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2023 Conference Photos

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66 photo(s) Updated on: November 26, 2023
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  • Tom & Jana Bergdal at their table
  • Bill Magargal on djembe drum accompanying Steve Gaarder on hammer dulcimer
  • Conference chair, Bill Magargal, welcomes attendees on Friday evening.
  • Entrance to one of the cabins
  • Arts and Crafts Buildings in the Rain
  • Peace Award Recipient, Carol Trible, presenting the work of Tucson Samaritans
  • Servas France member, Céline Boute with US members Dave Lippman and David Levingston
  • Keynote speaker, Chief Vincent Mann of the Ramapough Lunaape [sic] Nation. To his left is the US Servas Peace Pole that will be permanently installed at Frost Valley YMCA camp to commemorate the 2023
  • Children's art from the 2022 Peace Pals International Art contest decorate the room
  • More Children's art from the 2022 Peace Pals International Art contest.
  • Keynote speaker, Rabbi Chuck Diamond, describes the horrific antisemitic killings that took place at his Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA in October of 2018
  • Rabbi Chuck Diamond speaks about the 2018 antisemitic killings at Pittsburgh's Tree of Life Synagogue.
  • Sunday - Members Gather Around Peace Pole
  • US Servas Members David Hills, Member Help volunteer, and Jon Corrado, Servas International co-treasurer
  • Member, Dave Lippman, leading the Saturday evening "Peace Jam in the Valley"
  • Member, Dave Lippmann, leading the protest song sing-along
  • Dave Lippman and Mindy Gershon reunite with Servas France member, Céline Boute
  • US Peace Secretary, Karen Morian, reads acceptance speech from Peace Award recipient, Deborah Shimkus
  • a deer eyeballs us as we walk around the camp
  • Local doe, and her fawn eyeing the photographer
  • US Servas President, Richard Weaver, with UN Update presenters, Laurie Levine and Alison Telsey
  • Frost Valley crossroads... or one of the reasons why we love the venue.
  • Fall foliage near the lake
  • Front Table from right - New members Nettie Myers (blue) and Christine Amdahl (pink) share table with Interviewers Emily Glazer & Karl Kosok, and longtime-member Ellen Silverberg
  • Waterfall - a short hike from Geyer Hall, the conference building.
  • Full House on Saturday Morning - Marguerite Hills Talks About Volunteering
  • Entrance to the Frost Valley YMCA Camp in Claryville, NY
  • Steve Gaarder on Hammer Dulcimer
  • One of Frost Valley's beautiful horses
  • Donated items from India for sale
  • Long-time members, Tom and Jana Bergdal
  • Jim Leask, Servas Canada member, and Servas International Tech Team Leader describes features of the upcoming Servas Online, version II,
  • Tech Team members (L to R) Jim Leask, Bill Magargal, David Hills, and Steve Gaarder
  • Saturday evening - Judith Chasin leads singalong of good old fashioned folk songs
  • Julie and Joy Emory walking in the rain back to the conference hall after lunch
  • Julie Emory explaining the new "Friend of Servas" membership type
  • (L to R) Julie Emory, Lauren Cetlin, and Carol Trible
  • US Servas Peace Secretary, Karen Morian, updates the attendees on the September Peace Conference in Spain
  • Karen Morian attending information table - note Peace Pals children's art along the windows
  • (L to R) Joy Emory, Patrick Watson, Teresa Crockett, David Hills, and Steve Gaarder get a preview of Servas Online, version 2 from Jim Leask
  • New Board member Tim Sullivan and his wife, Charlotte Miller-Sullivan, with board member Eileen (Lee) Rowley
  • US Servas first "Friend of Servas" member, Steve Edwards, with US Servas Treasurer, Leena Desai
  • On Saturday evening long-time member, Dave Lippman, leads the crowd in a protest song singalong.
  • "Little Sparrow" band members Aldo Troiana, Carol Smith, Henry Simon, and bassist, Jay Brooks, playing for us on Friday evening's "Peace Jam in the Valley"
  • Marguerite Hills, Servas International Development Team member and US Peace Secretary, Karen Morian
  • Former US Servas board chair, Marguerite Hills, and current Board President, Richard Weaver describing the importance of volunteers to US Servas.
  • Attendees take notes during volunteering presentation by Marguerite Hills and Richard Weaver
  • Marguerite Hills stressing a point as Joan Brandon, left, and Judi Laird & Paul Gusmann listen
  • Conference volunteer, Marie Spodek, warms up the crowd on Friday evening
  • Conference chair, Bill Magargal, and his life partner, Marie Spodek
  • From left - Salt Lake City members Julie Emory, Joy Emory, Patrick Watson, Vicky Wason, Lauren Cetlin, Teresa Crockett with the Peace Pole
  • Long-time Frost Valley moose keeps an eye on the procedings
  • Nina Rooks Cast and Liam Brehm working on the Peace Puzzle.
  • The conference room was decorated with 68 artworks from the 2022 Peace Pals International Children's Art project. This piece was created by 13-year-old Jordanian, Gweel Ammari
  • Servas International President, Radha Radhakrishna, and conference chair, Bill Magargal, help Peace Prize awardee, Carol Trible, with computer issues.
  • Servas International President, Radha Radhakrishna, updates attendees on Servas International goals and connections with US Servas
  • Long-term Alaska members, Pat & Mark Ryan, donated their scrapbook of Servas visits.
  • Steve Edwards receives certificate from Eileen (Lee) Rowley as the first "Friend of Servas" member.
  • Long-term US Servas member, Steve Gaarder, plays for us on a small hammer dulcimer
  • The US Servas peace puzzle finally finished on Sunday
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